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About Us

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Why Ship with Knight Flight - What Sets Us Apart?

Knight Flight Cargo Services Inc. is a Colorado Company Serving Freight Customers Nationwide
With 30+ years in business, you can rely on our experience for all your Freight Shipments

Your name and reputation are at stake until your shipment arrives safely... choosing your freight partner is critical. Whether you are a logistics professional for a fortune 500 company, a business owner, a warehouse manager, or a small business shipper, you understand the troubles and headaches involved when “shipments go bad”.  On the other hand... when things go right you can remain focused on your first priorities, and life is good!  We’ve earned the trust of very large firms and small companies who know our team members by name - and rely on our diligence and integrity to add value to their own good reputation.

We do it affordably, competitively, and with extra care... applying a balance of Quality, Service, & Price.  Affordably means we search out and leverage volume pricing for the most cost-effective fit for your requirements considering budget and service expectations.   Email us a copy of your lowest quote - and we will do everything possible to match or beat equivalent freight rate quotes competitively.  There are situations when you need the lowest price available, and other times you require the highest service levels, special care, and guaranteed critical deliveries.  It’s rare to find a logistics provider with the resources to cover this range of options consistently.  We suggest running a test shipment with us - and then let us know how we performed.   

Big or Small - call us to freight it... we have seen some UNUSUAL items come through our warehouse - not to worry. After 30+ years in business not too much surprises us...  but on occasion we still debate what in the world that contraption is arriving at our warehouse.  Moose sculptures, scientific atomizers, huge white futuristic looking power and water processing components, aircraft fuselage, zillion-pound machined iron parts for gas and oil rigs, delicate medical devices, pallets of recycled TV cable boxes, pumps the size of small houses, television cameras and projection equipment, truckloads of bagged bentonite clay...and so much more.  Call us, Bring it, and we likely can ship it. 


  • Aerospace & Aviation Firms

  • Energy, Power, Oil & Gas, Solar

  • Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing

  • State DOT Departments of Transportation

  • Raw Materials Processors & Packagers

  • Tire Wholesalers, Distributors & Retailers

  • Custom Furniture Companies

  • Architectural Supply Companies

  • Window Manufacturers & Distributors

  • Packaging & Shipping Retail Stores and Moving Companies

  • Colleges, Universities & Institutions

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

  • Builders, Construction, Developers & Architects

  • Trade Shows, Conventions & Exhibitions

  • National Research Laboratories

  • Audio Visual Equipment Companies

  • Machine Shops, Fabricators, & Assembly Firms

  • Larger-Than-Parcel Ebay Shippers

  • Technology Server Racks & Computers

  • Artists, Designers, & Commercial Remodelers

  • Electric Control Panel & Motor Suppliers...Importers, Exporters, & Freight Forwarders

  • Distribution & Warehousing Companies

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